Virus Bulletin – VB100- Windows certification:
  • proven to detect at least 99.5% of malware
  • generates no more than 0.01% false alarms when scanning a large collection of “clean” samples
  • meets all these requirements with default settings in the VB test environment on two test platforms

AV Test -Android Certification:

  • 99.2% real-time detection of the latest Android malware,
    99.6% detection of current Android malware from the past 4 weeks
  • does not affect the battery life
  • does not slow down device use during normal use
    Generates little network load

PCSL – Android Certification

  • Detection rate of 99.9% and no false messages
  • Won a 5-star award in the PCSL Android Malware Detection Test
OPSWAT Gold Certified – Anti-Malware
  • Apps are tested against lists of known malicious apps
  • Application installers and binary files are scanned by various anti-malware engines from the Metadefender Cloud and may not be flagged more than four times
  • Apps must be able to be completely removed without leaving running functions in the system